Walking Group

The Walking Group’s is a great way to get some exercise and maybe see some places you have not been to before. They go out every Monday and Thursday mornings, meeting at reception. Feel free to join them at 0900.


At the Poynton there is a full gym set up for use by the residents. It requires key card access and includes treadmills, cycling machines, rowing machine, weights and yoga balls. Feel free to use at any time but only for residents no visitor use.


The Poynton has both a swimming pool and a spa. Both facilities can be used for yourself or with family and aquaerobics is also offed in the pool. Check timetable for class times.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is on Mondays at 9:30am and is a wonderful, easy form of exercise, with fluid movements. It helps and improves your flexibility, breathing, balence and posture. In the Activities Room, costs $5.00 per week.